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Your-Mix: 1970s (3875)

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Bob Marley - Three Little Birds cover Three Little Birds - Bob Marley save info Buy
Cat Stevens - Sweet Jamaica cover Sweet Jamaica - Cat Stevens save info Buy
Bob Marley - I Shot the Sheriff cover I Shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley save info Buy
Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier cover Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley save info Buy
Kraftwerk - The Model cover The Model - Kraftwerk save info Buy
Limousine - Camminero solo cover Camminero solo - Limousine save info Buy
Extra - Maria Maddalena cover Maria Maddalena - Extra save info Buy
Gino Santercole - Such a Cold Night Tonight cover Such a Cold Night Tonight - Gino Santercole save info Buy
Bob Marley - Get Up, Stand Up cover Get Up, Stand Up - Bob Marley save info Buy
Paul Mauriat - Last Tango in Paris (instr) cover Last Tango in Paris (instr) - Paul Mauriat save info Buy
Styx - Babe cover Babe - Styx save info Buy
Styx - Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) cover Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) - Styx save info Buy
Diana Ross - I'm Still Waiting cover I'm Still Waiting - Diana Ross save info Buy
Dr Feelgood - Down at the Doctors cover Down at the Doctors - Dr Feelgood save info Buy
Bata Illic - Judy I Love You cover Judy I Love You - Bata Illic save info Buy
Kevin Johnson - Bonnie, Please Don't Go cover Bonnie, Please Don't Go - Kevin Johnson save info Buy
The Clash - London Calling cover London Calling - The Clash save info Buy
Henry Arland - Merry go round (Instr. Klarinette) cover Merry go round (Instr. Klarinette) - Henry Arland save info Buy
Dennie Christian - Rainy Rainy Day cover Rainy Rainy Day - Dennie Christian save info Buy
Joe Dassin - Taka takata (La femme du Torero) cover Taka takata (La femme du Torero) - Joe Dassin save info Buy

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