Q: In which format do you provide MIDI-files?
A: Karaoke Island MIDI-files now automatically come in both Format 0 and Format 1 - both are included in the download.

Q: Do you provide lyrics with the MIDI-files?
A: If available, lyrics are included in the zip file as .txt or .doc files. Many are Leadsheets, with chords above the lyrics. Most also have karaoke lyrics embedded into the MIDI file - please check the song info page ('i' button next to each song) where you'll see "Karaoke: Yes or No".

Q: The MIDI file I purchased will play on my computer but doesn't work on my keyboard, why not?
A: Certain keyboards can't handle long file names, try shortening the MIDI file name to 8 or less characters and try playing again.


Q: The downloaded MP3 is not complete, it stops somewhere in the middle of the song, what can I do?
For a file to get from our server onto your hard disk, it has to pass many connections on the internet. If one of those connections has a problem, you might experience a broken download. You can simply try the download again later, often it will work then.
The best solution is using a download manager. There are many available. A free one that also has no Adware or Spyware is "Free Download Manager". You can download a free copy at

Q: Why do you no longer offer MP3 files with karaoke?
A: To cooperate with recent changes in UK licensing law, we no longer offer audio karaoke. But with Karaoke Eddie software, you can still create your own karaoke by synchronising any MP3 with lyrics!

Q: The demos don't work.
A: The demo player is a Flash player - please make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer.