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Prince & the Revolution - Purple Rain (full length) cover Purple Rain (full length) - Prince & the Revolution save info Buy
Prince - Little Red Corvette cover Little Red Corvette - Prince save info Buy
Chris Botti ft. Michael Buble - Let There Be Love cover Let There Be Love - Chris Botti ft. Michael Buble save info Buy
Prince - Diamonds and Pearls cover Diamonds and Pearls - Prince save info Buy
Bryan Adams - You Belong To Me cover You Belong To Me - Bryan Adams save info Buy
Prince - Money Don't Matter 2 Night cover Money Don't Matter 2 Night - Prince save info Buy
Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out cover Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots save info Buy
The Vamps - Wild Heart cover Wild Heart - The Vamps save info Buy
Shakira - Try Everything (from Zootopia) cover Try Everything (from Zootopia) - Shakira save info Buy
Katherine Jenkins - This Mother's Heart cover This Mother's Heart - Katherine Jenkins save info Buy
Charlie Puth - Some Type of Love cover Some Type of Love - Charlie Puth save info Buy
Galantis - No Money cover No Money - Galantis save info Buy
Taylor Swift - New Romantics cover New Romantics - Taylor Swift save info Buy
Shawn Mendes - Memories cover Memories - Shawn Mendes save info Buy
Sia ft. Sean Paul - Cheap Thrills cover Cheap Thrills - Sia ft. Sean Paul save info Buy
Carrie Underwood - Chaser cover Chaser - Carrie Underwood save info Buy
Carly Rae Jepsen - Boy Problems cover Boy Problems - Carly Rae Jepsen save info Buy
Enrique Iglesias - Duele el corazón cover Duele el corazón - Enrique Iglesias save info Buy
Alvaro Soler - Sofia cover Sofia - Alvaro Soler save info Buy
Rod Stewart - Walking in the Sunshine cover Walking in the Sunshine - Rod Stewart save info Buy

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  • let there be love
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  • Sara Lee
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