Midi files: 1990s (6986)

Midifiles in archive: 37836
Haddaway - What is love cover What is love - Haddaway save info Buy
The Brand New Heavies - After Forever cover After Forever - The Brand New Heavies save info Buy
Paul Carrack - How long cover How long - Paul Carrack save info Buy
Pink Floyd - What do you want cover What do you want - Pink Floyd save info Buy
R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly (arrangement) cover I Believe I Can Fly (arrangement) - R. Kelly save info Buy
Nomadi - Ladro di sogni cover Ladro di sogni - Nomadi save info Buy
Fabio Concato - Ritrovarti qui cover Ritrovarti qui - Fabio Concato save info Buy
Nomadi - Santina cover Santina - Nomadi save info Buy
Bon Jovi - These days cover These days - Bon Jovi save info Buy
New Order - Blue Monday cover Blue Monday - New Order save info Buy
Samantha Janus - A message to your heart (Eurovision UK 1991) cover A message to your heart (Eurovision UK 1991) - Samantha Janus save info Buy
Counting Crows - Omaha cover Omaha - Counting Crows save info Buy
Go West - The King of wishful thinking cover The King of wishful thinking - Go West save info Buy
Oasis - Whatever (unplugged) cover Whatever (unplugged) - Oasis save info Buy
Destinie's Child - So good cover So good - Destinie's Child save info Buy
2Pac - Changes cover Changes - 2Pac save info Buy
Uwe Busse - Wenn es Nacht wird cover Wenn es Nacht wird - Uwe Busse save info Buy
Ibo - Du bist zu schön cover Du bist zu schön - Ibo save info Buy
Hans Hartz - Sail away cover Sail away - Hans Hartz save info Buy
Grubertaler - Urig, fetzig, Boarisch cover Urig, fetzig, Boarisch - Grubertaler save info Buy


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