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Dire Straits - Industrial Disease cover Industrial Disease - Dire Straits save info Buy
Blink 182 - All the small things cover All the small things - Blink 182 save info Buy
Roxy Music - Jealous guy cover Jealous guy - Roxy Music save info Buy
Status Quo - Something 'bout my Baby I like cover Something 'bout my Baby I like - Status Quo save info Buy
Roxy Music - Dance away cover Dance away - Roxy Music save info Buy
Steely Dan - Reelin' in the years cover Reelin' in the years - Steely Dan save info Buy
Barry White - Sho' You Right cover Sho' You Right - Barry White save info Buy
David Bowie - Golden Years cover Golden Years - David Bowie save info Buy
Journey - Open arms cover Open arms - Journey save info Buy
Nathan Carter - Shook me all night (Medley) cover Shook me all night (Medley) - Nathan Carter save info Buy
Oasis - She's electric cover She's electric - Oasis save info Buy
Oasis - Half the world away cover Half the world away - Oasis save info Buy
Weezer - Take on me cover Take on me - Weezer save info Buy
Heart - All I wanna do is to make love to You cover All I wanna do is to make love to You - Heart save info Buy
Little River Band - Lady cover Lady - Little River Band save info Buy
Paul McCartney The Wings - Jet cover Jet - Paul McCartney The Wings save info Buy
Cream - Crossroads cover Crossroads - Cream save info Buy
Beatles - Sun King cover Sun King - Beatles save info Buy
Beatles - Dear Prudence cover Dear Prudence - Beatles save info Buy
Hall & Oats - Say it isn't so cover Say it isn't so - Hall & Oats save info Buy


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