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Klaus Badeit - He's a Pirate cover He's a Pirate - Klaus Badeit save info Buy
Marc Knopfler - Going home (Local hero) cover Going home (Local hero) - Marc Knopfler save info Buy
Willy Wonka - Pure Imagination (Film) cover Pure Imagination (Film) - Willy Wonka save info Buy
Bruce Springsteen - Addicted to romance (Film song) cover Addicted to romance (Film song) - Bruce Springsteen save info Buy
Lenny Kravitz - Road to freedom (Film song) cover Road to freedom (Film song) - Lenny Kravitz save info Buy
Donny Osmond - I'll make a man out of you (Mulan) cover I'll make a man out of you (Mulan) - Donny Osmond save info Buy
Lizzo - Pink (Barbie movie) cover Pink (Barbie movie) - Lizzo save info Buy
Khalid - Silver Platter (Barbie Movie) cover Silver Platter (Barbie Movie) - Khalid save info Buy
Ryan Gosling - I'm just Ken ( Barbie Movie) cover I'm just Ken ( Barbie Movie) - Ryan Gosling save info Buy
Fifty Fifty - Barbie Dreams (Barbie Movie cover Barbie Dreams (Barbie Movie - Fifty Fifty save info Buy
PinPantheress - Angel (Barbie Movie) cover Angel (Barbie Movie) - PinPantheress save info Buy
Billie Eilish - What was I made for (Barbie Movie) cover What was I made for (Barbie Movie) - Billie Eilish save info Buy
Dua Lipa - Dance the night (Barbie movie) cover Dance the night (Barbie movie) - Dua Lipa save info Buy
Phil Kelsall - Midnight Tango cover Midnight Tango - Phil Kelsall save info Buy
Geoff Love & His Orchestra - Dambuster March (Theme song) cover Dambuster March (Theme song) - Geoff Love & His Orchestra save info Buy
U2 - Ordinary love cover Ordinary love - U2 save info Buy
Michael Bolton - Go the distance Hercules) cover Go the distance Hercules) - Michael Bolton save info Buy
Michael Bolton - Fathers & Daughters cover Fathers & Daughters - Michael Bolton save info Buy
Emma Marrone - Sbagliata ascendente leone cover Sbagliata ascendente leone - Emma Marrone save info Buy
David Bowie - Absolute Beginners cover Absolute Beginners - David Bowie save info Buy


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