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Rufus Chaka Khan - Do you love what you feel? cover Do you love what you feel? - Rufus Chaka Khan save info Buy
Rufus Chaka Khan - Tell me something cover Tell me something - Rufus Chaka Khan save info Buy
Rufus Chaka Khan - Stay cover Stay - Rufus Chaka Khan save info Buy
Roxy Music - Dance away cover Dance away - Roxy Music save info Buy
Evelyn King - Love Come Down cover Love Come Down - Evelyn King save info Buy
David Bowie - Golden Years cover Golden Years - David Bowie save info Buy
Donna Summer - Last Dance cover Last Dance - Donna Summer save info Buy
Heatwave - Boogie Nights cover Boogie Nights - Heatwave save info Buy
The Weeknd - Take My Breath cover Take My Breath - The Weeknd save info Buy
Fat Larry’s Band - Act Like You Know cover Act Like You Know - Fat Larry’s Band save info Buy
Prince - Delirious cover Delirious - Prince save info Buy
Average White Band - Let’s Go Round Again cover Let’s Go Round Again - Average White Band save info Buy
Lady Gaga - Babylon cover Babylon - Lady Gaga save info Buy
Kylie Minogue - Dance Floor Darling cover Dance Floor Darling - Kylie Minogue save info Buy
Shalamar - This is for the Lover in You cover This is for the Lover in You - Shalamar save info Buy
Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night cover Get Down Saturday Night - Oliver Cheatham save info Buy
Alvin Stardust - I Feel Like Buddy Holly cover I Feel Like Buddy Holly - Alvin Stardust save info Buy
The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited cover I'm So Excited - The Pointer Sisters save info Buy
SZA & Justin Timberlake - The Other Side (Trolls) cover The Other Side (Trolls) - SZA & Justin Timberlake save info Buy
Midnight Star - Curious cover Curious - Midnight Star save info Buy


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