Midi files: 1980s (3675)

Midifiles in archive: 38350
Cold Chisel - Bow River (live 1983) cover Bow River (live 1983) - Cold Chisel save info Buy
Mark Knopfler - Baloney again cover Baloney again - Mark Knopfler save info Buy
Luther Vandross - If only for one night cover If only for one night - Luther Vandross save info Buy
Steve Earle  - Nowhere Road cover Nowhere Road - Steve Earle save info Buy
The Wonder Stuff - Golden Green cover Golden Green - The Wonder Stuff save info Buy
The Beat - Save it for later cover Save it for later - The Beat save info Buy
Peter Cornelius - Treib mi net zum Wahnsinn cover Treib mi net zum Wahnsinn - Peter Cornelius save info Buy
Whitesnake - Bad Boys cover Bad Boys - Whitesnake save info Buy
Red Canzian - Con gli occhi chiusi cover Con gli occhi chiusi - Red Canzian save info Buy
Mango - Dietro un si, dietro un no cover Dietro un si, dietro un no - Mango save info Buy
Julio Iglesias - Todo el amor que te hace falta cover Todo el amor que te hace falta - Julio Iglesias save info Buy
Engelbert Humperdinck - A second time cover A second time - Engelbert Humperdinck save info Buy
Sacha Puttnam - Going Home (YouTube version) cover Going Home (YouTube version) - Sacha Puttnam save info Buy
Lee Kernaghan - Country Girls cover Country Girls - Lee Kernaghan save info Buy
Howard Broadbent - The Blackpool Belle cover The Blackpool Belle - Howard Broadbent save info Buy
Kiss - Crazy crazy nights cover Crazy crazy nights - Kiss save info Buy
Rick Springfield - Don't talk to strangers cover Don't talk to strangers - Rick Springfield save info Buy
John Cougar Mellencamp - Cherry Bomb cover Cherry Bomb - John Cougar Mellencamp save info Buy
Bruce Springsteen - Johnny 99 cover Johnny 99 - Bruce Springsteen save info Buy
Stevie Nick - Stand back cover Stand back - Stevie Nick save info Buy


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