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Adele - Can I get it cover Can I get it - Adele save info Buy
Adele - Oh My God cover Oh My God - Adele save info Buy
Pink Floyd - The Trial cover The Trial - Pink Floyd save info Buy
Ella Mai - Shot Clock cover Shot Clock - Ella Mai save info Buy
Taylor Swift - All to well (Taylors version) cover All to well (Taylors version) - Taylor Swift save info Buy
Niall Horan and Anne-Marie - Everywhere (BBC Children in Need) cover Everywhere (BBC Children in Need) - Niall Horan and Anne-Marie save info Buy
Ari Lennox - Pressure cover Pressure - Ari Lennox save info Buy
Kylie Minogue Years & Years - A second to midnight cover A second to midnight - Kylie Minogue Years & Years save info Buy
Bruce Springsteen - Rosalita (Come out tonight) cover Rosalita (Come out tonight) - Bruce Springsteen save info Buy
Brian Ferry  - Slave to love  cover Slave to love - Brian Ferry save info Buy
ABBA (New Song) - When you danced with me cover When you danced with me - ABBA (New Song) save info Buy
Billy Joel - I've loved these days  cover I've loved these days - Billy Joel save info Buy
The Allman Brothers Band - One way out cover One way out - The Allman Brothers Band save info Buy
Ed Sheeran - The Joker and the Queen cover The Joker and the Queen - Ed Sheeran save info Buy
Lady Gaga Tony Bennett - Itís De-Lovely cover Itís De-Lovely - Lady Gaga Tony Bennett save info Buy
Billy Joel - Everybody has a dream cover Everybody has a dream - Billy Joel save info Buy
Billy Joel - Stop in Nevada cover Stop in Nevada - Billy Joel save info Buy
Glory Gaynor - I am what I am cover I am what I am - Glory Gaynor save info Buy
IMFAO - Party Rock Anthem cover Party Rock Anthem - IMFAO save info Buy
Fright Song - Monster High cover Monster High - Fright Song save info Buy


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